Overviews are awesome things. At the point when you assume you have a decent handle on the who, when, where and why, a study will create results that challenge those thoughts.

Take for instance the new travel intrigues study that Women Traveling Together shipped off 7000 ladies in April 2006. My most memorable amazement was the number of reactions we that got. The specialists say you’re not kidding in the event that you can get a 5% reaction rate. All things considered, we showed improvement over that, coming in at practically 9%, (addressing the assessments of more than 600 ladies).

We will, obviously, utilize the overview results to foster our visit plan however some amazing tid-bits concerning the “who, when, where and why” of ladies’ movement inclinations were additionally uncovered. The study results showed…

Who Women Travel With…

Finding a movement accomplice is intense. Over 65% of ladies said that they were struggling with tracking down somebody to go with.
…Be that as it may, when they do travel, they like to go with the young ladies! Generally either went with a sweetheart or alone, one way or the other, went with a ladies’ gathering.
At the point when Women Travel…
Ladies will travel anything season they can! 45% of the ladies said whenever is a great chance to travel.
Ladies are “travel insane.” Over 40% of the ladies reviewed had gone on at least 4 outings in the beyond year and a half.
Where Women Travel…
Ladies like new objections. 65% of the ladies answering said they’d prefer go to new spots, than return to places they’d been.
Gold country here we come! Gold country was the top U.S. objective by a surprising margin.
Italy, Italy, and Italy. The staggering best option for Europe was Italy.
Why Women Travel…
The magnificence of Mother Earth is the reason ladies travel. The top motivation to go on an outing regardless of where the location was to see the regular excellence the objective brings to the table.
Cost is auxiliary. While deciding to travel, ladies ponder where they need to go first, and afterward contemplate the cash and who they’ll go with.
How Women Like to Travel…
Via land if it’s all the same to you. A mind-boggling greater part favored a land visit to a voyage.


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